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We're Sleeping Through All Our Memories [Mar. 7th, 2006|10:06 pm]
okayyy.. there are these two super cool people. and there like my best friends ever. actualy there are three.

but first.

ETSdancer24: sweeeet
SonnyThsIsUrgntM: sweeet
SonnyThsIsUrgntM: OWE ME A COKE

okay. the next day this is what i find on my desk:

awww i love that girl so much. if you cant read the note (Tori, we were out of coke! Hope you like rootbeer! p.s. the cookies are for you, too)

okay so the next to people..
this is tim:

and this is nick:

NICK is also known as "NOOD"
when we were younger we called him "nicky noodle" because we were weird. THEN we called him "nicky nood" NOWW we call him "NOOD!" so. if i say nood.. im talking about nick.

OKAY this is going somewhere i promise.

okay so tim is amazing, and decided to be weird and write a song for nick. you should recognize it. so listen to it. ONCE.

and again "youre noodiful" is nick.



if when you click it it says something weird try again in 24 hours.. but really listen to it its so funny. even if you dont no them at all.

From: (Anonymous)
2006-03-16 01:07 am (UTC)


hahahahahahaha. i think your brothers are the coolest people i know. like really. tori i absolulety adore your family. this song is great. size 14 shoes, hahaha. the cookie thing with eliza. thats funny. haha
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