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You Don't Know That Your Dead.. You Just Deal With It. [Mar. 26th, 2006|09:45 pm]
i was just coping my notes from scrap paper to my notebook and i just glanced at my paper and it said "Dude.. B to get 6/7!" and i was like woahh mr. lipsky just said dude. Turns out it says divide.. but how much cooler would dude be??

So last week i missed my afs concert since i was sick.. and i talked to nick the next day and i was like how was the show?? and he was like don't worry you didn't miss much, they were good but they were better there last show (that i also missed FSDAKLF) and then today i was reading cristina's myspace (who was at the show with nick) and theres a comment from nick the day after the show: best show everrrr. i had such an amazing time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes it sure was, chiodos played wicked well too which was awesome, and then ARMOR was crazy good!! grrr...

so this weekend what kinda boring.. but david and i are mad cool..

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Don't I kinda look like a vampire.. yeahhh..andways while im showing pictures..never mind its taking too long.. but go to www.freewebs.com/BackIntoFocus/BackIntoFocus.htm :]:] Or wait a few days and i'll put some pics up..OKAY this one finished uploading so i'll show you anyways..because i love them.

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OKAYYYY so nick and cristina went to the gch show on friday night.. and i get this text from nick saying he met travis and got him to sign a shirt and he was all excited and stuff and then after the show nick and ct went to go home.. and nick car was gone and they were freaking out cause..they had no car. So nick calls me at 12:00 and my aunt picks up the phone (she was there cause my mom was REALLY sick) and then shes like OMG! i can't come get you because i'm taking care of your mom and tori and eliza and she says if he gets a cab she'll pay for it. god im glad we didnt have to drive into boston. anyways so he takes the cab (haha what cab comes to suddy) and it ends up being $60 and so he gets home at like 1:00 and eliza and i laugh at him and it turns out his car got toed and you probably dont care at all but i found it funny so i told you anyways? GOOOD NIGHT!!